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Learning & Development

Learning & Development

At EZ37 Solutions Limited, our emphasis is on learning as an investment rather than training as an expense. We therefore ensure that we develop specific learning interventions to close identified gaps. We adopt the ‘action learning’ approach which is an appropriate combination of short class input sessions, case studies, role plays, and business games so that learning is experiential.

For us, each learning engagement must achieve specific results. Therefore, we set clear objectives before the event, deliver to objectives during the session; and follow up with participants and their supervisors after the event to ensure that set objectives are achieved.

EZ37 Solutions Limited has assembled a world class faculty from all segments of the economy. They are recognised for their competence in communicating deep insights and complex frameworks with simplicity and clarity that enhances participants' understanding and confidence to apply the learning they acquire from attending our courses.

EZ37 Solutions is one of the very few organizations appointed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC, an arm of the World Bank) with a mandate to use their best in-class training methodology (Known as Business Edge™) and content. EZ37 Solutions has a wealth of experience, a large pool of proficient facilitators, and uses best-in-class training methodology known as the ‘Business Edge Methodology’ specifically designed for improved learning. IFC Business Edge Methodology has been proven to return 91% on Training Investment. Trainings we offer include:

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